Moving house can be tremendously exciting and stressful in equal measure. Bagging your dream home is no mean feat, so to guarantee a successful and hassle-free move, you may want to make a checklist to ensure all the essential things are taken care of. 

Here are some helpful tips to make moving into your new home a breeze. 

Check Your Notice Period

If you’re currently living in a rental property, you will need to give your landlord plenty of notice regarding your move date. For tenancies that run month to month, notice periods are usually one month. If you pay your rent every three months, you can expect to give three months’ notice. When in doubt, check your tenancy agreement paperwork or consult your landlord. If you suspect your landlord may be breaching the terms of the lease, contact Citizens Advice or seek legal intervention. 

Declutter Before You Pack

Packing your entire life into boxes can be made significantly easier if you’re only packing things you genuinely want and need. Many of us are guilty of accumulating unwanted and unnecessary items over the years, so a good clear-out may be long overdue. In the weeks leading up to the big move, go through your belongings to determine what should stay and what should go. You could even sell some bits and bobs to make extra cash for your new home. 

Leave Plenty Of Time

No matter what you do, please don’t leave everything until the last minute. One surefire way to make moving day a whole heap of stress is to be unprepared. Particularly if you’re juggling work and family life, you’ll need to assign as much time as possible to the extensive list of moving tasks. If possible, begin a month or so prior to moving, packing one or two boxes each day. 

Dismantle Where Possible

Manoeuvring large items of furniture through doorways and stairways is a near-impossible task. Ideally, dismantle your furniture in advance to make loading everything onto the removal van a lot easier - this will also create more space, saving multiple trips back and forth. Have plenty of ziplock bags handy for screws and dowels; consult the original assembly instructions if you’ve kept them. Don’t use excessive force, and remember that not every furniture item can be disassembled. 

Enlist Help

‘If you want a job done right, do it yourself’ - while many agree with this idiom, attempting to conduct your house move alone is unrealistic. Don’t carry everything on your shoulders; enlist help from friends and family members when needed. Whether it’s moving large items of furniture such as dining benches and sofas or decorating your new property, a burden shared is a burden halved. 

Update Your Details

Through the whirlwind of stress and excitement, the thing we often forget about moving house is updating our address details as soon as possible. Create a change of address checklist to ensure all the necessary parties are contacted - this includes your employer bank, GP and government agencies such as the DVLA. Be warned; failure to update your address details in due course could result in fines and voided insurance. 

Keep An Eye On The Valuables

Through all the chaos of packing and moving, some items may go missing or become broken. Ensure you label your boxes as fragile when appropriate, keeping them upright at all times. Keep all your important belongings safe, including your passport, driving licence, birth certificate and tax paperwork - consider packing these items last, so you’re aware of their whereabouts should you need them. You might even find it helpful to create a household inventory to ensure everything is accounted for.

Consider Children And Pets

Moving house can be exceptionally stressful for pets and small children, who often thrive on familiarity and routine. Talk to your children and make them aware of what will be happening in the forthcoming weeks - you could even purchase some literature, such as Moving House by Anne Civardi, to acquaint them with the concept. Be patient with your pets, and introduce them to your new surroundings by providing lots of attention and treats. Consider purchasing a pet pheromone plug-in diffuser to help ease any stress and anxiety they may experience.